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The VIATICUM project (Volunteers In Action To Improve Competences Union and Mood), was born in 2019 when the Edelweiss Association obtained European funds as part of the Erasmus+ funding flow  Key Action 2, in particular strategic partnerships for adult education.

Participating in the project 9 Nations: Edelweiss (ITALY) – Emergency Fire  & Rescue Unit (MALTA) – Escola Portuguesa de Salvamento (PORTUGAL) – Elite Team Special Missions of Greece (GRECIA) – Serve On (U.K.) – Central Buda Volunteer Civil Protection Assotiation (HUNGARY) – Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale (FRANCE) – Unidad Canina de Rescate y Salvamento de Madrid (SPAIN) – Serbian Rescue Team (SERBIA)

This project is the natural continuation of another project, also European, entitled “Synergising European Volunteer Rescue Teams – A Rescue Operations Manual” of 2015 directed by the E.F.R.U. (Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit) of Malta, with 5 other international partners: : EDELWEISS (ITALY) – ESCOLA PORTUGUESA DE SALVAMENTO (PORTUGAL) – ELITE TEAM SPECIAL MISSIONS OF GREECE (GRECIA) – SERVE ON (U.K.) – CYPRUS CIVIL PROTECTION VOLUNTEERS CORP (CYPRUS)

The Partners of the V.I.A.T.I.C.U.M. project together with other teams: CYPRUS CIVIL PROTECTION VOLUNTEERS CORP (CYPRUS) – SARAID (U.K.) – BOMBEIROS VOLUNTARIOS PENICHE (PORTUGAL) – BOMBEIROS VOLUNTARIOS MOSCAVIDE E PORTELA (PORTUGAL) –  RESCUE GR (GREECE) – ANGELI DELLA SILA (ITALY) – ANTELAO (ITALY) continue to stay in contact through an International Association called EVOLSAR (European Association of Civil Protection Volunteer Teams), in which they carry out exercises and training in the field of Civil Protection.